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Things Susan is loving...Beauty Protector Protect and Oil

I love my hair oil products, so this week when I was going to be traveling and didn't want to risk the airlines trashing my normal hair oil because of size I reached for my latest sample from BIRCHBOX. Beauty Protector's Protect and Oil. 
It is a Birchbox

I have tried several hair oils. Some I love, some eh not so much. Deciding factors to me are  1. If they leave your hair sticky or greasy  2. The scent. (One of the previous I have reviewed smelled like a man'cologne) 3. Heaviness.  4. Protection
The first thing I noticed about this hair oil is the scent. It smells wonderful! Score one... As I poured it in my hand and the second thing I noticed was that it was very light and not sticky.  hmmm two for two.. not bad my little sample.... As I went through my day my hair never turned greasy or weighed down. 
I was in love!!! 
So I read up on this lovely concoction...UV and heat protection. We all know how much I am into protecting my hair and skin from the lovely sun. Argan oi…

The exhibitionist...Put your junk away

I love meeting new people, learning new things, sharing ideas. I am a very people oriented person. So when some one comments on my posts or replies to something I answer them and will hold a conversation with them. That is just how I am. 
My pet peeve this week is all about the guy that takes your friendliness as an invitation to show his goodies. I know I can't be the only one to ever have some one do this because it has happened more than once. You reply back to a comment you have a conversation about nothing in particular then boom they try to send you a pic of their junk. 
Seriously are you that proud of it? Do you get some kind of high from showing it? 
This hasn't happened lately as my status is no longer marked as single and that tends to keep SOME of the creepers at bay. 
Some are actually polite enough to ask hey do you wanna see a pic of my penis (ok they actually say other words but I try to keep this mainly clean). I have decided if this happens again my response w…

They're gonna put me in the movies...

Several years ago we sold our old ,but in immaculate shape, 79 Volare wagon to Ragtop Picture Cars. A business that supplies cars for movies, videos, etc. We always joked that we would see her in the movies.

Tonight my ex-husband called and asked if I had seen the video for It's a helluva ride by Frankie Ballard. I honestly hadn't so he told me to go watch it and pay attention to the car at the gas station. Well sure enough there was a car that looked identical to her. I wasn't completely sold because well there has to be a few of them left around right?? I asked him how he knew and he said it's the gas cap. When we bought her she didn't have one so I had to buy one. It was shiny and silver. I had to replace that thing three times from people stealing it! The video shows the little girl helping put it back on.

I still wasn't convinced so I emailed the guy we sold it to. It wasn't long before I got this response:

HI Susan Great to hear from you. I do still hav…

The keeper of the machine...Pet Peeve Wednesday

It's Wednesday again! Yay half of the work week is down. As of Thursday night I will have my forty hours which means Friday will be all mine to enjoy! And by enjoy I mean, get my oil changed, the car washed, pack for the weekend in Orlando....yea not so much relaxing. But the banquet and resort will make up for that on Saturday and Sunday!

So for this pet peeve Wednesday I have decided again to go with a gym pet peeve.  The Machine sitter....My gym partner ( loan me some money as she likes to explain it) and I were waiting on the leg press machine and the girl on it was just sitting there...ON HER PHONE. If she would have been resting between sets I wouldn't have complained. I am all for getting your max workout in. But she was just sitting there. We walked past a couple of times and  stood there close by so she would get the idea... Nothing. While we were standing there waiting I glanced over and saw what she was doing on her phone. She was posting pictures to face…