Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The exhibitionist...Put your junk away

I love meeting new people, learning new things, sharing ideas. I am a very people oriented person. So when some one comments on my posts or replies to something I answer them and will hold a conversation with them. That is just how I am. 

My pet peeve this week is all about the guy that takes your friendliness as an invitation to show his goodies. I know I can't be the only one to ever have some one do this because it has happened more than once. You reply back to a comment you have a conversation about nothing in particular then boom they try to send you a pic of their junk. 

Seriously are you that proud of it? Do you get some kind of high from showing it? 

This hasn't happened lately as my status is no longer marked as single and that tends to keep SOME of the creepers at bay. 

Some are actually polite enough to ask hey do you wanna see a pic of my penis (ok they actually say other words but I try to keep this mainly clean). I have decided if this happens again my response will be Do you wanna see mine. .....Ok maybe not. I might not like the answer the give. There are some scary people out there!!!

It just makes me wonder what drives these guys?  

I learned my lesson the hard way, about three years ago when I was newly single some one had commented on a post and I was having a conversation with him about the post. I believe it was about a car. Nothing was mentioned about anything other than cars, engines, etc. He asks "Do you wanna see a pic?". Well sure! My naive little mind was still thinking cars. So surely he has a BA car that he is going to send me a pic of right???

BOOM Hello Mr. Penis.......

His next question? What do you think? My answer .... I think that is a penis and you are a freaking sick psycho for sending that!!!! 

At what point does intake manifolds, exhaust, fuel injectors, and suspensions = Hey how about showing me Mr Willie??? 

Where has respect gone? 

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