Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The keeper of the machine...Pet Peeve Wednesday

It's Wednesday again! Yay half of the work week is down. As of Thursday night I will have my forty hours which means Friday will be all mine to enjoy! And by enjoy I mean, get my oil changed, the car washed, pack for the weekend in Orlando....yea not so much relaxing. But the banquet and resort will make up for that on Saturday and Sunday!

So for this pet peeve Wednesday I have decided again to go with a gym pet peeve.  The Machine sitter....My gym partner ( loan me some money as she likes to explain it) and I were waiting on the leg press machine and the girl on it was just sitting there...ON HER PHONE. If she would have been resting between sets I wouldn't have complained. I am all for getting your max workout in. But she was just sitting there. We walked past a couple of times and  stood there close by so she would get the idea... Nothing. While we were standing there waiting I glanced over and saw what she was doing on her phone. She was posting pictures to facebook. Not of the gym, not of her progress. Just pictures! What the.....

Finally she got up! We were excited because it was our last machine of the night and we were ready to go home. SHE SAT BACK DOWN....Seriously???

Loan looks at me, and she is never upset by anything and says "I just wanna slap her!" "That is what you call a biatch." I about died.

If I ever become a machine sitter some one please slap me!

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