Tuesday, February 11, 2014

They're gonna put me in the movies...

Several years ago we sold our old ,but in immaculate shape, 79 Volare wagon to Ragtop Picture Cars. A business that supplies cars for movies, videos, etc. We always joked that we would see her in the movies.

Tonight my ex-husband called and asked if I had seen the video for It's a helluva ride by Frankie Ballard. I honestly hadn't so he told me to go watch it and pay attention to the car at the gas station. Well sure enough there was a car that looked identical to her. I wasn't completely sold because well there has to be a few of them left around right?? I asked him how he knew and he said it's the gas cap. When we bought her she didn't have one so I had to buy one. It was shiny and silver. I had to replace that thing three times from people stealing it! The video shows the little girl helping put it back on.

I still wasn't convinced so I emailed the guy we sold it to. It wasn't long before I got this response:

HI Susan
Great to hear from you. I do still have the Volare wagon and it is running and driving great. I get it a out and drive it every now and then. Still looks the same as it did when I bought it from you except I put a grill in it.. YES, that is the same car in the Frankie Ballard video. Here are a couple behind the scenes shots from the video shoot and some pictures the way it still looks.. I have used it in a couple other much smaller film projects but this video is by far the biggest  thing it has done. Hopefully some things will come up where I can use it again. Once again I appreciate you selling it to me.. David

I was so surprised to hear back and that it was in fact our car! These are the pictures he sent me:

It's nice to know the old girl got her ten minutes of fame :)

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