Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Things Susan is loving...Beauty Protector Protect and Oil

I love my hair oil products, so this week when I was going to be traveling and didn't want to risk the airlines trashing my normal hair oil because of size I reached for my latest sample from BIRCHBOX. Beauty Protector's Protect and Oil. 

It is a Birchbox

I have tried several hair oils. Some I love, some eh not so much. Deciding factors to me are 
1. If they leave your hair sticky or greasy 
2. The scent. (One of the previous I have reviewed smelled like a man'cologne)
3. Heaviness. 
4. Protection

The first thing I noticed about this hair oil is the scent. It smells wonderful! Score one...
As I poured it in my hand and the second thing I noticed was that it was very light and not sticky. 
hmmm two for two.. not bad my little sample....
As I went through my day my hair never turned greasy or weighed down. 

I was in love!!! 

So I read up on this lovely concoction...UV and heat protection. We all know how much I am into protecting my hair and skin from the lovely sun. Argan oil is the main ingredient. Yes I am a fan. Other ingredients...well there are some in there that I am going to have to look up and check out because I am not familiar at all. 

I am now on my way home on the last leg of my trip and my lovely little sample bottle was emptied this morning. This item sales for $25.95  here at Birchbox. If you haven't subscribed to your Birchbox yet you can also do that at the website!

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