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Things Susan is loving.....Flawless Beauty Primer by Pixi!

Another Ipsy find!!
I had a wedding to attend yesterday and woke up to pouring rain....ok this isn't good. It quit around midday but started getting very warm very quickly. Perfect weather for making your make up melt off your face and become a smeary mess right? Primer was going to be an absolute must here. I have a few other primers that I use but they are all serum based and while I love the texture and the feel of the serum they always make me get these little bumps around my hairline and temple that drive me crazy!! The first two things I love about Pixi's primer was that it was a lotion base and also had a tint to it. Very nice. I could tell a difference in my skin right after applying this primer. Had I just been going out to run errands or have lunch with a friend I would have skipped the other facial make up completely! 
The wedding was held in a semi open area and was a little humid! My make up held on like a champ!! Even toward the end of the party!!

You can purcha…

Things Susan is loving....Optic White!!

I have always been a fan of Colgate Optic white products. They do a great job of whitening with out breaking the bank or being time consuming. When I received the Influenster invite to try a new Optic white product I was ecstatic!!!

A toothbrush with a whitening pen built in?? OK so they sale these separate, what makes this any better or different?? I have other whitening pens. They sit on my dresser and in my purse. I always forget about them and use them about half as much as I am supposed to for optimum results. With the pen being built into the brush it is always right there and you never have to remember it separately. You just pull it out and use it after brushing, return it to the handle and boom you're done!! Simple is always better!

I have been using it for three days with the optic white toothpaste, mouthwash, and toothbrush and can already see a great improvement. I highly recommend it!!