Thursday, March 19, 2015

Things Susan is Loving.. The Blonde Edition

This isn't the typical blonde line. I used the shampoo, conditioner, and brass color correcting cream. 

First let me tell you that the scent is amazing. I have a hair phobia (don't ask) but those close to me can tell you that if I don't wash my hair daily that I panic over if it smells good or not. This scent was not over powering but very nice. 

The shampoo: a little does it with the shampoo. I used probably a dime size amount on my shoulder length hair. This covered well and didn't make my hair feel stripped or under clean. It isn't a purple shampoo like some I have used but a pearly white. 

The conditioner: I used about the same amount as I did the shampoo and it covered equally well. I have a bad habit of using way to much conditioner but refrained this time so I can give an honest review of the product. It left my hair feeling very well conditioned and soft. I was very impressed as my hair is color treated and damaged. :( the hazards of being a girl) 

The Color correcting cream: LOVE!! This is where the purple comes in. It is a very thick cream that you pull through and leave on for several minutes then rinse out.

The end product: I only have blonde highlights but my hair is a light brown. It has taken all the brassinsess out of my hair and even made my brunette look better! I love these products!

Price Point: I found these at target with prices running from $10-12 depending on which product. 

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