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Flying and a fear of heights

I apparently wrote this while I was in Alaska last year and got so busy I never posted it. I haven't seen my daughter and grandson since last July. I can't tell you how much that breaks my heart.

I have the biggest fear of heights. I mean a severe fear. So much so that when I was younger and people would try and pick me up over their heads I would kinda freak out a little. Obviously the higher I go the more afraid I am. This makes flying oh so much fun.

When I do fly my fear of heights is heightened any time that I have a seat in the wing area and can hear the flaps and etc moving around so I try to pick a seat that steers me clear of that area. Cue the cute little plane diagram on my phone that lets you pick you seat ahead of time. I pick them out and do great with the exception of one flight out of six that only has a wing seat available... UGH. I can handle that though it is only one flight.

 First flight from Nashville to Minneapolis nice seat, very crowded but no turbule…