Friday, September 30, 2016

Flying and a fear of heights

I apparently wrote this while I was in Alaska last year and got so busy I never posted it. I haven't seen my daughter and grandson since last July. I can't tell you how much that breaks my heart.

I have the biggest fear of heights. I mean a severe fear. So much so that when I was younger and people would try and pick me up over their heads I would kinda freak out a little. Obviously the higher I go the more afraid I am. This makes flying oh so much fun.

When I do fly my fear of heights is heightened any time that I have a seat in the wing area and can hear the flaps and etc moving around so I try to pick a seat that steers me clear of that area. Cue the cute little plane diagram on my phone that lets you pick you seat ahead of time. I pick them out and do great with the exception of one flight out of six that only has a wing seat available... UGH. I can handle that though it is only one flight.

 First flight from Nashville to Minneapolis nice seat, very crowded but no turbulence and I wasn't over the wing feeling like every movement of it was sending us plummeting to our demise! Pilot sounded sober during the announcements, that is always a plus, and the seat next to me was occupied by a small framed gentleman who was polite but not to chatty. Wonderful! Lets see if this luck can continue during my trip.

Second flight, Minneapolis to Seattle. Delayed..20 minutes..... I have an hour between my two flights. No big deal! Delayed again... another 20 minutes. Seriously?? Ok this is going to be fun. I mean I HAD an hour between flights but this kinda took a big chunk out of it. I am not going to stress. Finally we board the flight and how awesome are the seats!! Chargers for your phone and laptop, nice video screens on the back of the seat in front of you. Roomy seats. I had a middle seat but this plane didn't make it such a big deal and bonus the two people sitting with me were small! Ok so 20 minutes to make my next flight might just be ok if the gates are close. But wait! The seat is on a wing and the diagram showed it was at least two rows back from it! UGHHHHH!!! So much for planning. The diagrams lie!!

About 30 minutes from our destination it looks like everything is going to be ok. The plane leaves at 1:30 and we are all set to land at 1:10. So I pull up my app and check on the flight status to see which gate they have me leaving from and ....Wait..what is this....the have changed my flight??? and the flight doesn't leave till that night at 9:50!!! Oh no that is can't happen. That is eight hours! Eight hours of time with my new grandson that is going to be stolen from me.

The gentleman sitting next to me asks about my connection and I tell him what has happened. He can tell I am not happy. Upon landing they announce that there are 11 people on board that have a connection going to Beijing that need to exit first so they can catch their flight, the gentleman sitting next to me stands up, looks at me, and says go! I am not going to Beijing though, his reply was they are no more special than you are and you have a flight to catch also. He was my hero for this flight. I ran to the gate just in time to catch the flight I was originally scheduled to take!

Third Flight, Seattle to Anchorage. This plane is a little smaller, still has video on the seat backs, but they are dated, Oh well it is still better than nothing. I take my seat, it is a window seat and very limited on space, maybe my luck will hold out and I will have small framed seat mates or since the middle seat was empty and they were about done loading perhaps no one would take that seat! No such luck. This three hour flight was going to be cramped! and.... you guessed it I had gotten another wing seat! My luck is not good here.

I finally landed in Anchorage and was greeted by my daughter I haven't seen since last summer! She had forgotten I had cut all my hair off and almost didn't recognize me. (That is not a good thing Tiffany, you need to get home more often!) I was so happy to get a huge hug from this kid! I miss her more than she knows. Second we reached their truck and I was blessed with seeing my gorgeous grandson for the first time!

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