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Diamond Dust in my Foundation?? How Fancy!!

Glo Minerals Luxe Foundation Omgosh!!  Diamond powder.. sounds extravagant right? But believe it or not it serves a purpose, especially in aging or problematic skin. (Not that I am aging ha-ha) Diamond powder gives a soft focus to the skin, erases imperfections, and leaves a radiant glow! 
What I love about this product: I love that it gives amazing coverage without going on goopy, thick or cakey. It doesn't settle in the pores and crevices which would bring emphasis to them. It leaves my skin with a dewy fresh feeling that lasts all day! 
This is all you need of foundation (right) and primer (left) It looks like a lot but I have extremely small hands. It is not necessary to use a ton of this product at all.
My favorite brush to use!!
Somethings you need to know about this product: I would not recommend this for anyone with oily skin. The dewy finish sometimes leaves a sheen on this type of skin. I recommend mixing this with a drop of your primer (it doesn't take much of this prod…


After a very long hiatus I have decided to revive my blog, change the name, give it a face lift, and do some reviews on the things that I find along my adventure in life that I adore! What are some of the things you would like to see reviews on? You can expect reviews on everything from travel, food, beauty, and more! I am very excited to begin this new adventure and hope that everyone enjoys!