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Caffeine's New Friend.. One Touch Latte from International Delight

Hi my name is Susan and I am a Starbucks addict. Yes it is time to quit being in denial, admit my addiction and start my way down the road of recovery. My turning point.... realizing that I had seven rewards on my account. Do you know how much Starbucks you have to buy to acquire seven rewards? Also, I had used some of them! I was spending way to much on this nectar of the gods that I am sure saved at least three people a week from being throttled by me. But my coffee at home and work just seem so MEH compared to my venti skinny caramel macchiatto that was made with love and handed to me in that cup with the wrap designed just to protect me from the harm of burning my hands on it's glorious hotness!
What is a girl to do? Then while watching tv one night I see this, like a sign from above (no, not from heaven! I live in Florida so I am sure the factory is above me on the map) But does it work? How does it taste? That cup looks very frothy and I have fell for those type things befo…

When craving Mexican in Orlando...

Mexican... A huge weakness for my other half and I! This wonderful food group is a part of our meal plan at least once a week (usually more)! He had been telling me about Abuelo's for a while and we finally decided to make it our  dinner destination after a wonderful day at Epcot! 
Where to begin!!! Of course they brought out salsa and chips upon our being seated but this wasn't your run of the mill salsa. There were three types. The darker red had a little heat and a wonderful fresh flavor, the green was to date my favorite verde salsa ever! Such a wonderful fresh green flavor! The third was  a standard salsa but still yummy! Let me not forget the Chile Con Queso! amazing!!!

The food... Oh my!!!
I had the enchilada plate with three corn tortillas filled and covered with pure delight! I chose the (left to right) Cheese with salsa de crema sauce, carntia with green chile sauce, and the beef with chile con carne. I should have ordered two because even with sharing these it was …