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Those colorful no heat hair curler thingys!

I am not a huge "As seen on TV" person, but when I saw these I was intrigued. Why?? 1. I don't like to use heat on my hair. 2. My hair is super straight, 3. They look so cool!!!

I looked a few times when they first came out but the prices were a little high for something I wasn't sure about. P.S. I am a cheapskate, I won't try to sugar coat it and use words like frugal, thrifty etc. I am cheap! I work hard for my money and I don't like giving away more than I need to. So when I found them on groupon for eight dollars I decided to order two sets. One for my little princess Riannan (granddaughter), and one for me.

How they work.... So the concept is that you pull the wand through the curler, hook a section of your dry hair with the eye at the end of the wand, pull through the curler and "TADA" you just wait twenty minutes, pull them out and you have amazing smooth spiral curls with no heat and no damage to the hair.

How they actually work....

You pul…