Friday, August 18, 2017

I am so tired of being tired... Getting my thrive on

I am so tired of being tired. I used to be a bundle of energy. I could sleep four hours and be ready to conquer the world. In the past year it has slowly been dwindling to non existent. Six months ago I had a complete blood work up done.  I discovered I have a pretty big vitamin D deficiency (how does that happen when you live in the sun?) and I already knew I was a severe anemic. Between the two of these I stay drained. I feel like I need a nap a half an hour after I get up and I have never been a napper!

I forced myself to get back to the gym but it kills what little energy I have. I started seeing posts on my cousins site telling every one about the amazing amount of energy they had and how this product was changing their life. I read the posts and kept up with it. Straight up? I am a skeptic. I am in the dermatology/cosmetic/beauty industry and I am 100% a seeing is believing kinda girl. So I spoke to them about it... a lot!! I am sure I drove him crazy with all my questions and procrastination. I showed the pdf's on the products to three personal trainers, a nutritionist, and a nurse practitioner.

Four months later... (ok maybe closer to six) after a week of being overly tired I decided to make take the plunge! So just to be clear this isn't about wanting to be skinny, or jumping on a wagon train. This is about having the energy to make it through my day with out being drained, cranky and miserable, about being able to get my body back in shape, about being able to enjoy life.

I start this journey on Saturday August 19th and will be sure to document any changes or improvements here on the blog! I hope some one some where gets inspiration from this in some way.

UPDATE: My products have been delivered and I am so excited to start this tomorrow!

If you would like to find out more follow the link below

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