Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Ok I am thriving now what?

I have been asked about my Thrive experience quite a bit and there are a few things that I clarify... A LOT!! These are some of the key questions I have been getting.

1. There is no miracle weight loss drug... Thrive will help with appetite control and give you energy but what you do with that energy matters! If you use it to bake and cook and eat chances are you aren't going to lose weight... However, if you use it to motivate yourself to exercise, get up and move and combine it with a better diet you are going to see results!

2. Does it keep you up at night? No I fall asleep better now. I am using up the energy and come bed time I am ready for it!

3. Does it make you jittery? Not at all. I have used numerous pre workouts, diet aids, and etc that have been packed with all the wrong energy types. These make me jittery and that nervous energy makes it hard to concentrate. It also made me a complete klutz! This is a very calm energy and Thrive also helps with your concentration and mood which is a major plus!!

4. Isn't this just a pyramid sales scheme? You can decide to promote and earn from it but I am NOT at this time doing so. I am just tired of being tired! I needed something to get my energy level up and not  throw my body off balance. This is doing it and I am so thankful for it.

5. Is it a lot of steps? No, two capsules in the morning (no they don't upset my tummy at all), a patch on a part of your body that you can select from a list, and a shake every other day. So easy. I was doing protein shakes anyway and the capsules I take like a vitamin.

6. What is in it? You can find the list of ingredients for the capsules here ,  the patch here,  and the shakes here!

If you have any other questions feel free to ask :) If I am not able to answer your questions I know someone who can and would love to!

If you are interested in more information you can go here to get it. 

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