Thursday, August 17, 2017

Scentbird... My latest obsession!

I have the hardest time finding scents that I like, much less fall in love with. My body chemistry can take the most elegant and beautiful scent and turn it into a horrible and vile scent, I can't stand to perfume shop because at the end I have ten scents that I can't stand on my arms (because they change on me I can't just use a paper swatch), and my head is congested and throbbing.  Then it seems like just as soon as I do find something that I like someone at work or in my group of friends decides to start wearing the same thing. Because of this I have a rather large selection of full size perfumes that probably should be passed along to my daughters.

The remedy for this? Enter scentbird...

How does it work? 

You sign up and take a little quiz...

Then name three perfumes you like.....

 They then give you a list of perfumes that match your profile and you can start adding to your que. 

Your que is a list of which perfume you get sent next. You are always welcome to choose outside this list as well.

You are billed $14.95 a month and receive a very generous 30 day portion. Your first shipment comes with a atomizer that you simply drop the bottle you want in, and a cute black velvet pouch. 

I have loved being able to sample scents! My favs so far are Escada Magnetism, Coach Poppy Flower and the Viva la juicy Noir!! If you decide you love a scent and you run out you can add it to the list for the next month... or a few more months... it is totally up to you!

Where can you get it?

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