Saturday, August 19, 2017

Thrive Experience ... Day 1.

Yay! Day one and I am excited to start this journey! 

It is 8:30 am. I have to work today and even though I have had eight hours of sleep I feel tired and weak. I am so ready to not feel like this. I refuse to believe I am getting old lol!!

I put my patch on at 8 am and will take the daily capsules when I finish this portion of the entry. I also have my shake ready for around ten. Keeping my fingers crossed!! I did have a little coffee this morning (wasn't thinking and did it out of habit) but only about a quarter cup.  I like to have a little coffee with my cream so we are talking a minimal amount! Today is a perfect test for this because it is going to be a crazy day at work!! 

It is Ten am and I have taken the capsules and as predicted work is a madhouse. I always seem to want to take on more than I should....I am wonder woman though ..... right????  I keep saying I won't cram so much into my work schedule but then when it is time to say no or make the client happy the client comes first. 

I am feeling some energy and it isn't jittery, or nervous. It is a calm energy. When I have taken energy pills, drinks and etc. my mind has raced and it has been hard for me to stay on point and concentrate, my hands shake, and I turn into a complete clutz!! Not the case with today! today I am focused, calm and alert. 

Noon.... Shake is down and it has been heck day!!! Anything that could make my day more stressful has happened today! But I am not tired, I am not shaking, and I have a good attitude. Maybe my optimism is part of the reason but I am hoping this keeps up :)

Three pm... Almost time to quit work  for the day and I am ready to hit the gym. I can't believe how good I feel. Maybe a lot of it is optimism but I hope it sticks!!

It's six pm! I spent some time at the gym and even though I didn't want to go because well... It's hard after working on a Saturday and then use more of your precious weekend to do more work... I went and I'm not dead tired or falling asleep. 

So far a day that would have stressed me out didn't. I had energy that didn't make me jittery, sick to my stomach, or made it hard to keep my mind on track. And I just feel good in general 😊

The last big test will be if I can sleep tonight since a lot of things I've tried kept that from happening.

See you on day two ❤💪

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