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Lip Monthly.... A couple of Pros and a lot of Cons!

My Newest Adventure..

So we all know I have a serious issue when it comes to all things beauty, and beauty boxes... well that is a whole new level of addiction for me! So when I saw the Lip Monthly box I was excited!! 4-5 lip products a month!! How can I refuse? So I subscribed, customized the one product they allow each month and waited....  This was my first email that I received on August 10!!

We are very excited that you have subscribed to LipMonthly. Your first LipMonthly package will be shipped within the first 10 business days of September.

Ugh a month away.. Ok I can do this, it is only a month away... So I waited... and waited ... and waited.... NO bag at the end of September so I stopped payment on the next months subscription and received a notice my payment was not successful to which I replied that I still had not received the Sept bag I had paid for in August so I was not going to approve another payment at this time. I received a shipment email and my Septem…