Saturday, October 21, 2017

Lip Monthly.... A couple of Pros and a lot of Cons!

My Newest Adventure..

So we all know I have a serious issue when it comes to all things beauty, and beauty boxes... well that is a whole new level of addiction for me! So when I saw the Lip Monthly box I was excited!! 4-5 lip products a month!! How can I refuse? So I subscribed, customized the one product they allow each month and waited....  This was my first email that I received on August 10!!

We are very excited that you have subscribed to Lip Monthly. Your first Lip Monthly package will be shipped within the first 10 business days of September.

Ugh a month away.. Ok I can do this, it is only a month away... So I waited... and waited ... and waited.... NO bag at the end of September so I stopped payment on the next months subscription and received a notice my payment was not successful to which I replied that I still had not received the Sept bag I had paid for in August so I was not going to approve another payment at this time. I received a shipment email and my September bag on October 6th!!

 Ok so no one is perfect!! Lets get into this bag and see what my patience is being rewarded with!! 

a gloss from Bang! I like darker colors but that is not one of the customized options for this month and I can live with that, a Kiss and Smink stick that is versatile and can be used on cheeks, lips, contour... etc., a Sorme liner that I will try one day but I don't line them that much so it may take a while... and last and least.... A face mask??? 

Wait the ad says 4-5 customized deluxe LIP products..... Only one product a month is customized and one isn't even a lip product? Hmmm, I am not exactly thrilled with the way we have started out but I am willing to give it another go. 

I renewed my payment and it was processed at that time. I receive the email to customize my product for the month and log in and the first thing I see is a note saying my payment hasn't been made. I will address that with the company after,  second thing I see is the customization, it is an eye shadow?? 

Ok this is a little annoying not only is at least one of the items for October going to be a non lip item but it is the one I can customize? I am really not feeling this whole thing now and starting to have doubts. So I email the company about the payment. I let them know that on top of not getting my first box till a month later and only after I had emailed them that I was disappointed in the fact that they were not all lip products. I received an email addressing not getting my Oct box yet... that wasn't the issue at all, and saying they do a monthly box mix up which is why I received the mask. Ok so your ad states that I will receive 4-5 lip products but I only received four products total and one wasn't lip? I included this is my follow up email and was told I should have read the FAQ's. 

It is now October 21, I still have not received my October bag, and customer service is pretty much not that great I have a feeling I will be cancelling my subscription after this!

Where can you get it?   well I guess this is where you can order it as for getting it haha you might???

How much is it? Your first bag is $5 and it is $12.95 each month after

Is it worth it? The products are good products I just didn't like the fact it wasn't what they advertised, shipping is not dependable, and customer service is horrible!

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