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I stopped The Thrive Experience for a month and this is what happened....

So as everyone knows, after months of debating I began thriving. I stayed on for three months but on the forth month I had a few things come up that made me think I should suspend it for a month. After one month of not taking the capsules, wearing the patch, or drinking the shake this is what happened.


One of the reasons that I started the Thrive Experience was that my Dr found I have severe anemia and was vitamin D deficient. Two major ways my energy was being depleted and I always felt like I needed a nap. Even after I had just woke up.  I had tried other energy boosters but they either didn't work, left me unable to sleep at night, or made me jittery with a nervous energy that was useless. Thrive helped me so much with this.

This month... I am exhausted!!! I am tired all the time, can't sleep well, and feel like a walking zombie. Thanksgiving was not the time to take a break from it. So much traveling and events! I am zapped!!!\


One of the additional and wonder…