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Let's talk volume loss!

Let's talk volume loss!
 If you have started noticing you look tired around your eyes but you don't know why because you are getting plenty of sleep, staying well hydrated and eat what you should the answer is probably volume loss. We start noticing this, jowls forming, the corners of our mouth turning down and those lines between our noses and mouths getting deeper as we get older. This is because around 25 we start losing 1 tsp of fat and bone per year in our faces. Even worse it is usually in the mid face area first which means that what is in the lower face seems to hang heavier. 

  Volume Loss - Bone

How it ages you

I have been asked so many times about creams and serums. There is, however, no magical topical formulation for this. There is however Dermal filler. Dermal filler comes in a few different types but if you are just getting started I would suggest sticking with a Hyaluronic Acid filler that can be reversed should you decide you don't like it. 
The filler is inj…

Taking care of your lashes!

How can I take better care of my lashes? This blog post is going to be a little different from my others. I have found myself writing articles for my job and thought that since they pertain to beauty which is 90% off my posts they should be shared here. The first is this, notes on how to improve the health and appearance of your lashes. I hope you find it interesting or at the very least helpful
Lashes, they have become an obsession with the beauty world.  As tiny as they are, they can change the appearance of your eyes. Healthy lashes give eyes a clearer, brighter and warm look. On the opposite side of this spectrum unhealthy lashes can cause your eyes to look dull and tired. Your eyes are sensitive and taking care of them are much different from the rest of your face. Take if off every night! Mascara is great! It gives us definition, volume and rich color that our eyes may not have naturally. Many women however, forget to remove the magical elixir at night. Lashes can become dry and br…

The Ipsy February Product Review!

I wanted to test two of  my Ipsy bag items by putting them through the paces!  What better way to test a mascara and eye liner than in the Florida heat and humidity and the excitement of  Epcot?

So here are the products. Trestique eyeliner and It Superhero Mascara.  Let's see what these babies have got! We are starting out with some nice clean lines that aren't overly heavy. Hopefully they will hold up to what I am about to put them through!!

First Stop, Spaceship Earth. A nice ride through the history of communication in the world. So far both of these products are doing pretty well! Even through Rome burning and the first man on the moon. 

Making it through the first man on the moon wasn't enough but it did inspire me. Let's make a trip to Mars to see what that will do for my make up test.  Just a little smearing of the eyeliner on the bottom and maybe a smudge or two on the top, but not to bad. The day is early though and there is still a lot to see. Let's head…