Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Ipsy February Product Review!

I wanted to test two of  my Ipsy bag items by putting them through the paces!  What better way to test a mascara and eye liner than in the Florida heat and humidity and the excitement of  Epcot?

So here are the products. Trestique eyeliner and It Superhero Mascara. 
Let's see what these babies have got! We are starting out with some nice clean lines that aren't overly heavy. Hopefully they will hold up to what I am about to put them through!!

First Stop, Spaceship Earth. A nice ride through the history of communication in the world. So far both of these products are doing pretty well! Even through Rome burning and the first man on the moon. 

Making it through the first man on the moon wasn't enough but it did inspire me. Let's make a trip to Mars to see what that will do for my make up test. 
Just a little smearing of the eyeliner on the bottom and maybe a smudge or two on the top, but not to bad. The day is early though and there is still a lot to see. Let's head to the World Showcase!

Let it go Let it go.... not yet I haven't put these products through enough paces. On to the Frozen Ride! A water ride just might be the greatest test yet! The liner is really starting to show some heavy loss, and the mascara smudges at the top of my eyes are getting heavy!

Test track!! The fastest ride at the Disney parks! Wind in my face, taking the concept car through the paces! You just have to love this excitement! My mascara and eyeliner.... not so much. The liner is pretty much everywhere it isn't supposed to be, and the mascara is a hot mess. Looks like my go to products aren't going to be changing this time around. 

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