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Peel off lipstain! Win for the product, EPIC FAIL for me!

So this started out being a blog review for the peel off lipstain we have all seen around the internet. I have used it before and loved it so I thought why not review it at Disney!!

Sooooo this is how it started, and how it ended with an amazing win for the stain and an epic fail for me.

It goes on so nicely and the color matches the tube too! You have to use a fairly thick layer for it to pull off and it takes a few minutes to dry but when you do.....
 A little gloss, a little liner and BAM!! I have to say they look pretty amazing!!

So here is where it started going down hill....  We were at the park and my boyfriend said babe, your lipstick is getting kinda splotchy..... So I look and I was horrified.... This is why...... A couple of years ago I noticed I was having chronic chapped lips. I mean constantly! I mentioned it to my Derm, who was also then my employer and she diagnosed it as actinic cheilitis. Pretty much precancerous cells that have the potential to turn into squamous. S…