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Kat Von D ... The Rock Star of Eyeliners!!

The best way to test a new eye liner or mascara is to wear it on a rainy day, in Florida's humidity on all the rides you possibly can at one of Disney's parks! I have posted these trials before and the results have been very short of pretty (think emo girl on a very grand level!)

Thankfully I know I can always depend on Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in the color Trooper to get me through the days I know are going to end in my looking like a hot mess!

I used this last weekend to do a rather dramatic, at least for me, eye and of course as soon as we got to the park the rain decided to set in and ten minutes in I was looking like a drowned rat and my make up was gone.... with the exception of overly done eyes.

I kept asking my boyfriend if my eyes were smeared because as hard as it was raining I expected it to be, after all we were pretty much standing in a big open outdoor shower. I would like to add we are one of those couples that believe that a little rain never hurt anyone and wil…