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No Spend Challenge.. Can I not spend a penny for five days???

I have recently noticed that I have a problem. I LOVE TO SHOP. I also spend money that I do not need to spend because it is easier to buy coffee or food that some one else has to prepare.

I recently had purchased the Create 365 budget sticker book for my Happy Planner and kept noticing the "NO SPEND" stickers through out the book. It was like they were haunting me. Sending me a message from the planner world. I was inspired! 

If you don't have a Happy Planner you seriously need to get one! I would be lost

 I decided to challenge myself to do a full work week, Monday to Friday of not spending a single penny. I can do this right? I was a bit skeptical.

Ok so there had to be rules. So let's review them.

1. Automatic payments or bills do not count.
2. The debit card can not be swiped or chipped in anyway.
3. Emergencies do not count.
4. Not wanting to cook or wanting Starbucks is not an emergency!

Ok that last one is not going to be easy. Starbucks is my weakness. I don&…